Group Series 6.1.5 update

The Group Series 6.1.5 firmware updates were released today bringing some useful functionality to the systems, mainly VBSS.

  • Video-based Screen Sharing for Skype for Business
  • Managing Skype for Business Calls
  • System Upgrade or Downgrade Through Skype for Business Server
  • Org ID Authentication
  • Conference Recording with RealPresence Touch
  • Dialing through ISDN Gateway
  • RealPresence Collaboration Server (RMX) Call Escalation
  • Displaying Call Participant Names
  • New and Modified API Commands
Release notes and downloads can be found at Polycom.
(The Polycom Trio’s also came out with VBSS support with their December update, but came out with a new firmware with additional field fixes and can be found here.)
Some items that are resolved with 6.1.5 may be of interest:
  • In a Skype for Business environment, when a PSTN endpoint places a call to another PSTN endpoint registered to RealPresence Group Series system, the caller receives a loud audio.
  • When RealPresence Group Series system joins an AVMCU  conference, the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) content drops
  • When RealPresence Group Series system dials in to a Skype for Business client for Mac in a point-to-point call, Skype for Business client crashes
  • When RealPresence Group Series system registered to Skype for Business server performs a Skype for Business call with other RealPresence Group Series system and SfB clients, far-end
    video drops and system restarts
  • In an AVMCU call with Skype for Business client, the Group Series system does not receive video content occasionally

Happy updating.

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