Group Series Skype Meeting Join Issue

I would like to think I had a pretty darn good OCS/Lync mentor when I started transitioning from mainly an Exchange focus to more with actual Unified Communications.  One of his mantra’s, “If you set things up right, they just work”, case in point, Polycom’s Group Series.

Client/users were complaining that they were having troubles joining scheduled Skype for Business meetings from the console.  They were experiencing odd voice messages like “That number is not in service”, “That call can not be completed as dialed”, or just ring 1-2 dozen times and disconnect…  Yup, that ain’t right, and yes, those very much sound like PSTN dialing issues.

This is exactly why you deploy Monitor Reports.  Pulling up the activity for the meeting room in question, one can see that the GS500 in this case was in fact dialing the Skype Conference ID’s, some were 6 digit and some were 7, making a phone number that either didn’t normalize at all, or managed to resolve to International dialing rules.

Eventually the user has learned to just drag the GS device in to the meeting, which is the case in row 3 above.

Client was running version 6.0, and both 6.0 and 6.1 are supported with Skype for Business.  We provided the client with James Arber’s post for setting up Group Series devices.  It’s more about 5.x version, but most of the settings are still relevant.

In the scenario we were troubleshooting, Skype for Business was running CU272, but looking at the history of the devices, this behaviour was not recent and occurred with previous CU’s.  Updating the GS to 6.1 did not resolve the issue.

The critical setting that was required to make the system work was under Admin Settings | Network | Dialing Preference, and specifically the Voice and Video Dialing order.  Here the client had left it defaulted to H.323 instead of changing to SIP.  Changing this setting on other systems still running 6.0 didn’t have the desired affect, 6.1 and prioritizing SIP seems to be the magic trick here.  This environment also had no Gatekeepers or RMX type systems, strictly a Skype for Business environment, otherwise you may need to test out various scenarios if you are running a combined environment.

Group Series updates can be found here:


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