Jabra Updates

Jabra has had a couple of updates of late for Jabra Direct, the software for managing Jabra endpoints on your desktop and updating firmware’s.  The one in March had a minor update with the Avaya Equinox 3.0 addition to the softphone list.  The other one in January was definitely of more interest:  Release Notes:

  • Preferred Software Settings e.g. Evolve80 for Skype for Business, Jabra 510 for Skype
  • Support for Noise at Works standards for Evolve and Stealth’s for providing additional noise protection.
    • Basic PeakStop protection against sound spikes
    • IntelliTone average daily audio exposure
    • Australian acoustic safety guideline (G.616)

I have not had any firmware update issues in the last couple of years.  I never bricked any before, but sure came close on the older software and models.  Still kind of miss my Biz 2400, hopefully my past customers/users are still happy with that model too.

Currently I enjoy an Evolve 80.  While a little on the heavy side and crushes my hair, the sound is phenomenal for noise cancellation and music.  You do need the Jabra Direct software to enable Optimize audio for Music mode.  IF you haven’t updated the firmware on your Evolve 40/80, you definitely want to.  There was a noticeable improvement in the Dec 2016 3.0.0 update with the audio.  I had the occasional pop, and a low end static.  Probably most people might not have noticed, but my bat-ears did.

Oh look a bird…  I remember one day getting unusually irritated at work, couldn’t figure out why.  I leaned back to try and calm myself and gather my head.  I then realized that my laptop was emitting and high pitched ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnh sound, kind of like the most annoying sound in the world as performed by Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber.  No one else could hear it, but I could.  I started turning things off, and ended up turning of my Bluetooth.  Bingo.  Wth.  I can hear water dripping in another part of my house, someone touching the thermostat, and electronics dying apparently.  Drives my wife nuts what my ears are tuned into.

March 8, 2017 firmware 3.1.0 was released for 40/80’s.  Enjoying it right now, zero complaints.

Other recent updates that I could find:

  • Speak 810 – 2017/01/25 v1.4
    • Improved microphone performance
    • minor bug fixes
  • Stealth – 2016/12/09 v1.29
    • Fixed an issue where the LED in some cases did not turn on when charging
  • Evolve 65 – 2016/12/12 v2.0
    • Feature and stability improvements



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