Local SQL Services Startup issue

I’ve come across this issue a number of times over the years, rebooting a Lync or Skype server, specifically Std deployment type, and one of the three SQL Express Instances just doesn’t start up in time before the RTCSRV Frontend Service starts to start.  “Sometimes” it goes away with patching the local SQL instance up to SP2, but not often enough.  Could be a resourcing problem, but still, for a lab even, 4 processors and 8 Gb should be enough to start services up.

Enough is enough.  Why on earth what I’m about to show you isn’t done by default, is beyond me.  Why is the RTCSRV service on a Standard Edition Deployment, or for that matter on an Enterprise Deployment, though I’ve not encountered this on Enterprise Frontend Servers.

Using the SC command from an CMD Prompt (does not work from PowerShell) use the following command to make sure no other dependencies have already been made:  SC QC RTCSRV

Second last line you can see the current Dependencies, i.e. KeyIso in this case.

When modifying the dependency list, you have to include the existing, plus what ever you are wanting to add, separated by a forward slash (/).



Re-run:  “SC QC RTCSRV”  to confirm your new dependencies have been successfully added.

Notice the change in the list of Dependencies.  You can also view this in the Services:

And if you want to get really nerdy, go into the Registry:

I’ve found that with this change, the RTCSRV service starts up nice and clean, and instead of taking about 25 minutes before crapping out, all the services have started up within 5 minutes of initiating a normal Reboot of the server.

I haven’t had need to try this on an Enterprise Server but the command should be similar, just minus the MSSQL$RTC.

sc config RtcSrv depend= KeyIso/MSSQL$LYNCLOCAL/MSSQL$RTCLOCAL

I still install at least SP2 for SQL 2014.  There were some performance issues in RTM that were resolved around CU7 or CU8, so SP1 should be your minimum anyway, that should help speed things up.  SQL Download Table

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