Polycom Trio 5.5.2 firmware

Normally I’m not posting about specific firmware, but in the (5.5.2 Rev AC) release for Polycom Trio’s (yup, plural, there are two models now 8800 and 8500) the codec SILK has been made available.  Skype for Business SILK has only been added as an experimental feature so to make use of it, you need to modify the Codec Priorities on the device.  Rumors abound that we may see SILK in VVX500 and VVX600 series devices in the near future, but that lower end devices may not have the processing power needed.

SILK will only be capable of being used in peer-to-peer type calls as it’s not available in the Conferencing MCU, and a reminder that it is “Experimental” at this time.  There appears to be some typo’s currently if you want to modify a FTP Provisioning server cfg file for your Trio’s, the above exported config reports that SILK is in ksps instead of kbps.  Perhaps this is the change over to Kilo Samples Per Second, or a just a typo…  Either way, something to be mindful of when modifying config files.


This release for the RealPresence Trio 8800 system includes the following highlights:  (pdf release notes here)

• Screen Mirroring on RealPresence Trio Solution

• Software Update using Windows Server

• RealPresence Trio 8800 System Media Keepalive

• Toggle Content and People Video Streams

• Skype for Business User Experience Enhancements

• Viewing a Different Calendar in Skype for Business Mode

• Dynamic Port Ranges for Video and Content

• Adding a PSTN Participant to a Call

• Displaying Multiple Calendar Meetings on Connected Monitor

• Web Sign in for Skype for Business Online

• Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) with Third-Party Supporting Solutions

• Managing Skype for Business Conference Participant Level in the Call Roster Screen

• Device Lock

• Client Media Port Ranges for Quality of Experience (QoE)

• Microsoft Quality of Experience Monitoring Server Protocol (MS-QoE)

• Exchange Web Services Discovery

• Unified Contact Store

• Alert Tones for Mute Status

• Dial Plan Normalization

• Dial Plan for SIP URI Dialing

• Join a Meeting using SIP URI

• Hybrid Line Registration

• User Log Upload

• Audio, Video, and Content Port Ranges

• Media Transport Ports for audio, video, and content

• Experimental: Support for SILK Audio Codec

Firmware for the Trio’s can be found here:  Polycom Voice Software

3 thoughts on “Polycom Trio 5.5.2 firmware”

  1. When you say “SILK will only be capable of being used in peer-to-peer type calls ” — does that mean SILK can be used from phone to an external PSTN user? (Like if I call from my RealPresence 8800 just directly to an outside PSTN number?)

    1. No, unfortunately not. You’re referencing essentially a peer-to-pstn call, and I think generally speaking that will be G711. Peer-to-Peer would be a direct call between two Skype endpoints. IF there are 3 endpoints, it switches to a conference call, or add a Whiteboard, it switches to a conf call, and you lose the SILK codec as a viable media option. So potentially a Trio 8800 call or a VVX 501/601 (with release 5.7) or Skype for Business 2016 client (and some versions of the 2015 client), can establish peer-to-peer calls using the SILK codec.

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