Response Groups and Disconnected calls

I’ve hit this a couple times now and burns my brain each time cause I know the answer.  Maybe blogging about it will keep it in the forefront more.

Problem Scenario:  User changes their password.  User is a member of the Response Group.  Response group calls to User drop as soon as they’re picked up by User.

80 mins later after reviewing logs, traces, settings, removing/re-adding, moon phases, the light goes back on; Client Certificate.

Resolution:  Sign out the user, Remove User Certificate via the Control Panel, Sign user back in.  Poof, magic, RGS calls work again.

I’m sure if I had more time to ponder this week as to the reasoning as to why this only affects Response Group calls, as the user can make and receive direct calls, but incoming calls via RGS would drop for a user that has recently changed their password.

Feel free to leave a note below if you have some sort of divine reasoning what password changes affect clients certs in such a way to only affect RGS Calls.


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