Shared Line Appearance and SimRing

This would be my own version of a “Fast Publish”, and haven’t fully tested out all the different scenario’s, so provide feedback if you like.

A client was experimenting with with Skype’s Shared Line Appearance (SLA) and was experiencing a problem where the shared line would ring once and go straight to voice mail of the -Target.  In this particular scenario, the -Target was also a Delegate, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

After checking 82 other things, I then installed the Skype Resource Kit, configured Sefautil and pulled out Johan’s SefaUtil GUI script, and reviewed the settings of the delegates.  Turned out that the Target had their SimRing enabled.  As soon as it was off, SLA worked as expected.

A scenario I’ll have to try some time, is there the same issue when just a Delegate has SimRing enabled.  I don’t beleive this will be the case.

I do suspect that the Target object will not be able to use Call Forwarding either.

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