Skype for Business Debug Tools 7.0.1678.1

The current build of the Skype for Business Debug Tools, 7.0.1678.1 June 9 – 2017, has a lovely new requirement for yet another version of the Microsoft Visual C++.  This time it’s Visual C++ 2015 x64 version 14.0.23026 or higher.

Said version can be found here and you will want the x64 build.   After that, no problem with installation or usage, so far…

Of course now I have Visual C++ 2008 x4 versions, 2010 x2, 2012, 2013 and now 2015…

UPDATE: Feb 8, 2018

The Skype for Business Debugging Tools had a new release on Feb 2, 2018.  Still need the particular Visual C++ version above in order to successfully install.

I say “particular” because it seems that if you’ve installed Skype on a Windows 2016 server, you can’t install the above Visual C++ version, cause a newer version is already installed, and these debug tools seem to insist on a particular version.  Sorry I don’t have a resolution other than to keep using the 6.0.9319.73 build.


4 thoughts on “Skype for Business Debug Tools 7.0.1678.1”

  1. Is there anything fancy in this new release of the debugging tools, that would counterbalance the extra dependency pain?

    1. both links still appear to be working for me, however, even though I got the debugging tools installed successfully, I’m only finding that half the time are the tools even working. Something very wrong with this version, and recommend sticking with the .73 version.

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