Skype4b Mobility Push Notifications

So, yes, first off, haven’t we had this since Lync 2010 CU-whatever (Nov 2011) when we had to do all that mcx configuration whatchmajigger…  I thought that too, but in the last couple of Skype for Business Mobility clients, under the Settings I’ve noticed this:

Push Notifications Status
Not Supported. Please contact your system admin for additional information on how to enable Push Notifications.

I went through everything on my Skype for Business 2015 CU-272 deployed system, and everything was set correctly and enabled, which really isn’t much, Get-CsPushNotificationConfiguration, both MS and Apple are set to True.  Even had the good old “” entry in Allowed SIP Federated Domains list.  Yup, this environment has been around since at lease Lync 2010 days.

As most of you may already have noticed, CU-277 was released earlier this week, happened to be BC Family Day, only province/state in North America with a stat holiday, so everyone beat me to posting about it.  Now, I may be the only fool who has deployed it already, twice actually, and so far positive results, or at least none negative.

One of the fixes/features in the February:
3209568 Add Push Notification support for Skype for Business for iOS and Android clients in Skype for Business Server 2015
With as much detail in the KB as the title there.  I will try not to rant about the quality of the KB’s on this round, hopefully they will be updated with useful information soon.

With CU-277, the Set-CsMobilityPolicy has a new line item: EnablePushNotifications which is set to True by default.   Now Settings, under the Android client version shows:

Push Notifications Status

I’ve also been experimenting on how to disable it.  Oddly enough, all my efforts thus far have been unsuccessful.  Perhaps a service restart was necessary, but alas, back into production

As there were few details with the re-release of Push Notifications, I am unaware of any new features or functionality as a result of this re-enablement.  Historically speaking, the Push Notifications were a way of alerting the Mobile client of new IM’s or Skype/Lync Voicemail’s, while the client itself might be suspended or only running in the background.  As a result, some power savings on the device might be achieved.



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