SpectraLink 84-Series Update

Spectralink appears to be putting in a concerted effort to stay in the game, so to speak, releasing a new firmware two days ago for their Spectralink 84-Series.  Of course they are the only wireless handset in the Skype/Lync realm these days.  The 3 most recent firmware releases have been Skype for Business focused, though there isn’t any specific color branding and the “Base Profile” is still Lync, but under Contacts it does say Sfb Contacts.

With previous builds I had problems with two-way audio when using the 2.4 Ghz WiFi band, that issue appears to be gone for me with  Both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands are working great now, with naturally longer range on 2.4 band.

Calendaring functionality with Exchange Online appears to be working well, so it does working somewhat with Office 365.  Currently I do not have a Skype Online account to test against for full Office 365 compatibility.  The Solutions Catalog does not list the device as Office 365 supported but that last validation check appears to be in 2013, but at least Voice Mail and Calendar integration with Exchange Online works well and an on premises Skype for Business deployment.

There have been a number of changes which can be found in the Release Notes, but most notably are listed below:

  • DND can be removed from menus
  • Implement new alternative ICE stack into 84xx replacing previous implementation with confirmed equivalent functionality between ICE stacks
  • Corporate Directory Refresh corrected when Contacts entries update their Presence
  • updated to clarify Contact/Call List menu options (Local/SfB/Corporate/Call Lists)
  •  SimRing to PSTN prevents call transfer (Corrected)
  • SRTP/RTP No Audio when have SimRing enabled (Corrected)
  • No call to series connected RGS Workflows (Corrected)
  • Ability to turn off backlight of display when in charger

I think my only wish list item would be to disable the IM functionality, and have it just be a wireless Skype phone.

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