VVX IP based Pairing

Hiding in the VVX 5.5.1 and BToE 3.4.x builds is some nifty code allowing for IP based phone pairing.  As it’s not in the released documentation we can assume this may not be meant for production.

Test/try this at your own peril, and certainly do not use with your Receptionist…  I have not encountered any issues, but I’m not a hard core handset user.  My configuration is with two separate LAN drops, one for my tower and one for my VVX 600.  I do not have a VDI environment to test this with and see if it works in that scenario, but I’ve had a few customers who have separate LAN ports for IP phones, with PoE gear, and are very anxious to have IP based BToE pairing become available.

First off, your VVX phone MUST be running or higher code. was released yesterday and so far so good with this new version.

Second, you need to have installed the Polycom BToE Connector, 3.4.x.  3.4.1 was released yesterday, so far so good.

Third, modify the Windows Registry.  If you are reading this post, I hope you are proficient enough with editing the registry with out blowing it up.

Close the BToE Connector, if it’s currently running, open up RegEdit and drill down to the following key:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Polycom\Polycom BToE Connector  There should be a DWORD value called:  IP_PAIRING_EN, set it to 1.

Forthly, we need to add the following entries to the phone configuration as they are not exposed in the Web GUI.  I set up my own provisioning server, you can optionally Export  Configuration, add the entried, then Import the modified Configuration.

After you phone has rebooted, fire up the Polycom BToE Connector.  Right-click on the BToE icon in the SysTray and select “Pair with Phone”, and you’ll see the following screen.  Enter in the IP address of your phone and click Pair.

You may be prompted in your Skype client for credentials, but otherwise you should be good to go.

Last reminder, not supported at this time by Polycom, test/play at your own peril.


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