Yealink x.8.0.60 Firmware

Yealink has been on the long journey of developing their phone to work and be supported with Skype for Business.  Feb 9th their x.8.0.60 firmware was released.  Downloads can be found here:  Yealink Downloads  and updates are available for T40, T41, T42, T46 and T48.

Yealink are on the MS Certified list for IP Phones.  Though they haven’t re-certified yet, the integration with Exchange Online has been working for me for a while, but I have not tested at all with Skype Online.

New features include QoE metrics so we can new view the reported network stats, always useful when troubleshooting poor call quality.  Below is an example from a 25 minute call.

BToE works based on IP routing, so your PC doesn’t need to be connected to the port on the back of the phone if you don’t need/want to.  There appears to additionally be VDI support options, but I do not have the means for testing or validating this.

If you happen to have been running any beta firmware’s, or just experiencing any really weird issues such as: BToE not pairing and just flapping, or date stamps in the CDR showing a date of 1970, go through a factory reset through the web console.  With this version, I no longer have to perform any extra steps after a factory reset in order to connect to Skype on Prem with Exchange Online.  🙂

New Features and Functionality added with the x.8.0.60 and x.8.0.50 firmware updates:

  1. Added some new QoE metrics
  2. Optimized Meet Now
  3. Optimized BToE
  4. Added the feature of Yealink Redirection and Provisioning Server (RPS)
  5. Added the feature of Auto Provisioning via Activation Code
  6. Added the feature of Group Call Pickup
  7. Added the feature of Monitoring Skype for Business Contacts for Status Changes
  8. Added the feature of Private Line Ring Tones
  9. Added the feature of Hotline
  10. Added the feature of Music on Hold (MoH)
  11. Added the feature of Quality of Experience (QoE).
  12. Added the feature of Join Calls into a Conference
  13. Added the feature of DHCP Option 160 and Option 161
  14. Added the feature of Skype for Business Status
  15. Added the feature that you can view Outlook Contacts on T48G Skype for Business phone
  16. Added the feature of History Record Contacts Avatar

All in all, the T48G has been a good phone, no issues with the call quality and I like the big screen display it comes with.  Not the greatest touch screen, sometimes I click something twice and its something underneath that gets clicked, so a few accidental calls.

Full on screen keyboard for typing is great to have, especially for searching or authenticating.

Photo display, very nice to have.

Have a great weekend.

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